The Art of Libromancy: Virtual Launch (Third Place Books)

September 11, 2023 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
The Art of Libromancy: Virtual Launch (Third Place Books) @ Cambridge | Massachusetts | United States

Join us for the virtual launch of Josh Cook‘s The Art of Libromancy: Selling Books and Reading Books in the Twenty-First Century (Aug 22, 2023) hosted by Third Place Books. Josh will be in conversation with Third Place Books’ author events manager Spencer Ruchti about reading (and selling) literature in translation, progressive bookselling, and the historic place of bookstores as community “third places.” During the event, you can ask questions using the Q&A feature, or chat with fellow attendees.

The launch will take place over Zoom on Monday, September 11 at 4PM PDT / 7PM EDT.

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“If books are important to you because you’re a reader or a writer, then how books are sold should be important to you as well. If it matters to you that your vegetables are organic, your clothes made without child labor, your beer brewed without a culture of misogyny, then it should matter how books are made and sold to you.”

With Amazon’s growing power in both bookselling and publishing, considering where and how we get our books is more important now than ever. The simple act of putting a book in a reader’s hands—what booksellers call handselling—becomes a catalyst for an exploration of the moral, financial, and political pressures all indie bookstores face. From the relationship between bookselling and white supremacy, to censorship and the spread of misinformation, to the consolidation of the publishing industry, veteran bookseller and writer Josh Cook turns a generous yet critical eye to an industry at the heart of American culture, sharing tips and techniques for becoming a better reader and, of course, recommending great books along the way.


Josh Cook is a bookseller and co-owner at Porter Square Books in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he has worked since 2004. He is also author of the critically acclaimed postmodern detective novel An Exaggerated Murder and his fiction, criticism, and poetry have appeared in numerous leading literary publications. He grew up in Lewiston, Maine and lives in Somerville, Massachusetts.