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“You’ll never need to read another book.”

Today’s post is sponsored by independence, and self-governance, and your humble Biblioblogger (along with her Production Goon) being extremely excited about the book we’re about to send off to print: The Children’s War, by the man, the myth, the self-blurbing legend C.P. Boyko. I’d toss in an author photo here, but this is the best […]

In the Media: Flock of Seagulls

As you head for the beach this long weekend, consider the story of Ray Eccles, a city clerk “past the age when anything interesting was likely to happen to him,” who one day is struck on the head by a dying seagull and wakes up compelled to obsessively paint the last thing he saw before […]

Productions Notes: June 22, 2018

Class Clown by Pino Collucio won the Trilliam last night! No wonder the judges were drawn to this book with such a lovely cover that pairs so well with Pino’s witty poetry, designed by our own Ellie Hastings. I have also been working on typesetting K.D. Miller’s Late Breaking. What is most important when I typeset […]

Read With Your Friends!

It’s true that the best thing about reading is that it keeps you from having to talk to people. HOWEVER: if you’re going to talk to people, books make a fine topic—and three of our recent titles are making waves as summer book-club picks. Get it? Waves? Because it’s SUMMER? I’ll show myself out. First […]

Production Notes: June 15, 2018

It is always both exciting and terrifying when boxes arrive from the printer. Opening a box always begins with an apprehensive inspection for errors—from the printer, from us, from the shipper—which is normally followed by a sigh of relief and finally the excitement at just how good the final product looks. Such was the case […]

IN THE MEDIA: Cooper & Huebert + Ondjaki & Pheby

It’s mid-June, which means the Bibliomanse is abuzz from production all the way to publicity. Fall books are being finalized, media coverage continues to roll in, and we’re starting to look ahead to next year’s books.  Mid-June also means Gemini season, so in honor of the Twins, please enjoy this pleasantly paired round-up of recent […]

Production Notes: June 8, 2018

The Children’s War has arrived on my desk finalized and ready to go into production and we are getting an Advance Copy underway. I know I wrote about this book a couple weeks ago but Boyko is a genius and you need to read this as soon as we get it out there! The inexhaustible […]

New Releases On the Way!

It’s Wednesday, which means we’re less than a week out from our biggest summer pub date: June 12, which brings the triple threat of Terry Grigg’s The Iconoclast’s Journal, Alison Moore’s The Pre-War House, and Mauricio Segura’s Oscar.  Here’s a quick round-up of some of the press they’ve gotten so far, along with a few […]

Production Notes: June 1, 2018

Original Prin cover has landed.  Personally I have to say this one has exceeded my expectations. Michel Vrana really knocked it out of the park. Send along your thoughts in the comments. Robert Earl Stewart has sent in the final manuscript for The Running-Shaped Hole. I’ve started typesetting it for Advance Reading Copies. Sometimes when I am typesetting a […]

IN CONVERSATION: with Pino Coluccio

We’re thrilled to finally share the news that Pino Coluccio’s Class Clown has been named a finalist for the 2018 Trillium Book Award for Poetry!  The award is given annually to a first, second, or third book by a new or emerging poet. Pino’s collection is one of three finalists for the $10,000 prize, the […]