When I first thought of becoming a publisher 17 or so years ago now, it was John Metcalf ’s An Aesthetic Underground which pushed me over the precipice. It was the first thing I’d read that made me feel that I could do this thing, that my work as a bookseller, festival organizer, and reader was apprenticeship enough. But what really energized me at the time was the idea of community central to its vision, a gathering of writers and readers and booksellers, all of whom cared about words and books and ideas and the shape they make in a life. That’s what we’ve tried to build here at Biblioasis; and that’s what we hope The Bibliophile will engender as well. We hope that you’ll consider it an invitation to join the wider Biblioasis community, to learn a bit more not just about our authors and their books but about the press itself. Each issue, published with charming irregularity (i.e. 3-4 times a year), will be filled with author interviews and essays and profiles, as well as short reviews from booksellers and other readers; there will be press news, excerpts from current and forthcoming work, and snapshots of Biblioasis press and bookshop life, as well as special offers. —Dan Wells, Publisher

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