Productions Notes: June 22, 2018

  • Class Clown by Pino Collucio won the Trilliam last night! No wonder the judges were drawn to this book with such a lovely cover that pairs so well with Pino’s witty poetry, designed by our own Ellie Hastings.
  • I have also been working on typesetting K.D. Miller’s Late Breaking. What is most important when I typeset a book is for my typography to quietly supplement the text.  To make the actual typesetting as unobtrusive as possible to allow the author, not the design to do all the talking. Robert Bringhurst said it best: “typography should be richly and superbly ordinary, so that attention is drawn to the quality of the composition.”
    Another consideration is previous books. I like when the design of books by the same author is similar—as long as the setting suits the tone of each book. So to get going on this one I looked back to the interior design of All Saints. So far it is coming together well.
  • As we have finally settled on a name for Patrick Brode’s new book, I got started on some cover designs. The title is: Dying for a Drink: How A Prohibition Preacher Got Away With MurderHere are a handful of the cover designs I came up with as possible directions for the book.