Production Notes: July 20, 2018

New arrivals at the press:

Final copies of CNQ 102 and Original Prin arrived from the printer this week. Both turned out really well.

The latest CNQ: The Genre Issue (#102)

Original Prin by Randy Boyagoda

The epitome of production (left) and publicity (right).

We also finished up on transcription of the stories for John Metcalf’s forthcoming Finding Again the World. For some of the reSet books we do not have access to digital files. So in order to get files we need to cut the spines off of out-of-print books that contain the stories, scan the pages, and convert them back into text files. Finally, we need to read them line by line, comparing to the original pages to make sure that the new files still read properly.

Out-of-print books cut and ready for scanning.

Otherwise, production has largely been focused on this year’s edition of the Christmas Ghost Stories. Like CNQ covers, the art for these stories come in the form of hand-drawn images form Seth, which need to be scanned in, cleaned up and placed into the stories. Here is a sneak peek at a few of the images from the 2018 Ghost Stories.