All the Voices Cry

Alice Petersen

All the Voices Cry by Alice Petersen
  • All the Voices Cry by Alice Petersen
  • All the Voices Cry by Alice Petersen
  • All the Voices Cry by Alice Petersen

"Alice Petersen writes as eloquently about the natural world as she does about the world of human emotion and desire. This is a wise and impressive collection of stories." — David Bezmozgis, author of The Free World

An academic’s wife, struggling to keep up with her husband’s quest to find a long-dead author’s Tahitian love-garden, realizes that her own idea of paradise no longer includes her husband. An architect dreams of slender redheads, Champlain’s astrolabe, and a brush with mortality—and finds at least the latter at Danseuses 7 Jours. An elderly man boards a trans-Pacific flight in an attempt to elude the prediction of a psychic, only to understand too late how the prophecy has shaped his actions.

In All the Voices Cry, modern life collides with all the old pushes and pulls: city and country, the global and the local, the ideal and the real. Petersen’s characters chase the mirage of escape, and are brought up hard by reality. This is a book rooted in landscape, tangled in the brambles of personal history, and it introduces in Alice Petersen a wondrous new voice that is yours to discover.


"Alice Petersen's All the Voices Cry is masterful and potent—incredibly satisfying for a reader." — Kathleen Winter, author of Annabel

"Alice Petersen writes compelling, painterly tales of New Zealand and North America; her prose is assured and sophisticated ... a joy to discover." — Mark Anthony Jarman, author of 19 Knives 


Paperback Edition

ISBN: 978-1-92684-552-4

160 Pages

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