Lucky Bruce

Bruce Jay Friedman

Lucky Bruce by Bruce Jay Friedman
  • Lucky Bruce by Bruce Jay Friedman
  • Lucky Bruce by Bruce Jay Friedman
  • Lucky Bruce by Bruce Jay Friedman


For decades Bruce Jay Friedman has charmed the glitziest industries of American golden-age culture. He’s been in publishing. He’s been in theater. He’s been in film. And now, this best-selling author is in his own head, re-illuminating the dazzle of post-war American life. With cameos by Mario Puzo, Richard Pryor, Warren Beatty, Norman Mailer, Joseph Heller, and many others,Lucky Bruce is a moving and scandalous memoir that brushes against the brightest of American luminaries.


Advance Praise for Bruce Jay Friedman’s Lucky Bruce:

"The hilariously juicy memoir of a successful novelist, playwright and screenwriter. Whether inadvertently snubbing Marlene Dietrich, chauffeuring Natalie Wood or fist-fighting with Norman Mailer, there are plenty of stories here to solidify Friedman’s ranking as a supreme satirist. Readers with a taste for sensationalistic old Hollywood will particularly enjoy his not-so-casual namedropping, which serves the memoir’s chatty tone well. … A life story that consistently charms with candor and the seasoned wit of a master storyteller who’s certainly been around the block." Kirkus Reviews

"A terrific memoir, informative and invigorating. As I was reading it, I found myself going slower and slower, savouring the wisdom, humor, wit, and pathos." Ha Jin


Hardcover Edition

ISBN: 978-1-92684-531-9

275 Pages

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