Biblioasis Catalogue

50 Greatest Red Wings by Bob Duff
A Few Things You Should Know About the Weasel by David Starkey
A Night at the Opera by Ray Smith
A Report On The Afterlife of Culture by Stephen Henighan
A Thaw Foretold by Mike Barnes
A Theory of Probability by Judith McCormack
About Love by David Helwig
Accident, The by Mihail Sebastian
Aesthetic Underground, An by John Metcalf
Airstream by Patricia Young
All Saints by K. D. Miller
All This Could be Yours by Joshua Trotter
All the Voices Cry by Alice Petersen
Alphabet by Kathy Page
Anything but Hank! by Zachariah Wells
Arms: The Culture and Credo of the Gun by A. J. Somerset
Attack of the Copula Spiders by Douglas Glover
Backspring by Judith McCormack
Balduchi's Who's Who by Leon Rooke
Best of Windsor Cookbook, The by Chris Andrechek
Big Dream, The by Rebecca Rosenblum
BigMouth by Terry Griggs
Black Alley by Mauricio Segura
Blood Secrets by Nadine Mcinnis
Boys (stories) by Kathleen Winter
Bright Objects Of Desire by Michele Adams
Brown Dwarf by K. D. Miller
By The Book: Stories and Pictures by Diane Schoemperlen
Camera Always Lies, The by Hugh Hood
Canada Made Me by Norman Levine
Canadian Notes and Queries by  Biblioasis
Canary by Nancy Jo Cullen
Cape Breton is the Thought Control Centre of Canada by Ray Smith
Career Limiting Moves by Zachariah Wells
Catalogue Raisonne by Mike Barnes
Ceazer Salad by John Metcalf
Century by Ray Smith
Circus Maximus by David Starkey
Cold-Cocked by Lorna Jackson
Combat Camera by A. J. Somerset
Confidence by Russell Smith
Cooking with Giovanni Caboto by  The Caboto Club
Crossroads Near Somewhere by A.F. Moritz
Dance With Snakes by Horacio Castellanos Moya
David by Ray Robertson
Diana by Russell Smith
Dragonflies by Grant Buday
End of the Ice Age, The by Terence Young
End of the Story, The by Liliana Heker
English Stories, The by Cynthia Flood
Eucalyptus by Mauricio Segura
Flirt by Lorna Jackson
Flush of Victory, The by Ray Smith
Flying Woman, The by Sharon English
For Sale As Is by Lewis MacLeod
For as Far as the Eye Can See by Robert  Melançon
Freedom in American Songs, The by Kathleen Winter
From Sarajevo With Sorrow by Goran Simic
From the Vault: A Photo History of Windsor by Craig Pearson
Ghost Road and Other Forgotten Stories of Windsor by Marty Gervais
Glad and Sorry Seasons by Catherine Chandler
God's Plenty: A Study of Hugh Hood's Short Fiction by W. J. Keith
Going Down Slow by John Metcalf
Goldfish Dancer, The by Patricia Robertson
Good Morning Comrades by  Ondjaki
Granma Nineteen and the Soviet's Secret by  Ondjaki
Graves of the Heros by Patricia Robertson
Groundwork by Amanda Jernigan
Here Come The Moonbathers by Patricia Young
Heroes by Ray Robertson
History of Forgetting, A by Caroline Adderson
Hitting the Charts by Leon Rooke
How to Breathe Underwater: Field Reports from an Age of Radical Change by Chris Turner
I Was There the Night He Died by Ray Robertson
I Wrote Stone by Ryszard Kapuscinski
Idler's Glossary, The by Joshua Glenn
Illustrated Edge, The by Marsha Pomerantz
In Another Country by David Constantine
In the Field by Claire Tacon
In the Lights of a Midnight Plow by David Hickey
Inheritance by Kerry-Lee Powell
Jailbreaks: 99 Canadian Sonnets by Zachariah Wells
Jane Again by Wayne Clifford
Join The Revolution, Comrade by Charles Foran
Kahn & Engelmann by Hans Eichner
Keeping the Peace by Colette Maitland
Last Bonobo, The by Deni Béchard
Least Important Man, The by Alex Boyd
Light Lifting by Alexander MacLeod
Lily Pond, The by Mike Barnes
Little Eurekas by Robyn Sarah
Lord Nelson Tavern by Ray Smith
Lost Luggage by Salvatore Ala
Love Poems by Jaime  Sabines
Lucky Bruce by Bruce Jay Friedman
Lunar Attractions by Clark Blaise
Lyric and Elegy by Adam Getty
Making Bones Walk by Alex Boyd
Malarky by Anakana Schofield
Marcel Pronovost: A Life in Hockey by Bob Duff
Meagre Tarmac, The by Clark Blaise
Meeting the Tormentors in Safeway by Alexandra Oliver
Meniscus by Shane Neilson
Monkey Puzzle Tree, The by Sonia Tilson
Montreal Before Spring by Robert  Melançon
Moody Food by Ray Robertson
Mr. Justice by Caroline Adderson
My Shoes Are Killing Me by Robyn Sarah
My Town by Marty Gervais
Nieve by Terry Griggs
Novelists by C.P. Boyko
On the Wing: A History of the Windsor Spitfires by Bob Duff
Once by Rebecca Rosenblum
Open Air Bindery by David Hickey
Original Six Dynasties: The Detroit Red Wings by Bob Duff
Pangborn Defence, The by Norm Sibum
Paradise and Elsewhere by Kathy Page
Pause For Breath by Robyn Sarah
Pebble Chance, The: Feuilletons and Other Prose by Marius Kociejowski
Pensativities by Mia Couto
Pigeon Wars of Damascus, The by Marius Kociejowski
Pope's Bookbinder, The by David Mason
Postcards From Essex County by David Newman
Properties of Things, The by David Solway
Psychology and Other Stories by C.P. Boyko
Quickening by Terry Griggs
Reasonable Ogre, The by Mike Barnes
Red Girl Rat Boy by Cynthia Flood
Reynolds and the Theory of Dream by Russell Smith
Rino's Kitchen by Rino Bortolin
River and the Land, The by Patrick Brode
River, The by Paul Vasey
Rumrunners: A Prohibition Scrapbook, The by Marty Gervais
Saltsea A Novel by David Helwig
Saturday Night Function by Annabel Lyon
Selected Essays by Clark Blaise
Self-Portrait Without a Bicycle by Jessica Hiemstra
Shut Up, He Explained by John Metcalf
Smoke and Lilacs by Norm Sibum
Sociology of Love, The by Clark Blaise
Something About the Animal by Cathy Stonehouse
Sparrows and Arrows by Chris Banks
Speck's Idea by Mavis Gallant
Straight Razor and Other Poems by Salvatore Ala
Strength of Bone, The by Lucie Wilk
Sub Divo by Norm Sibum
Suitable Precautions by Laura Boudreau
Sum by Zachariah Wells
Sunrise in the Eyes of the Snowman by Goran Simic
This Great Escape by Andrew Steinmetz
Thought You Were Dead by Terry Griggs
Three Balconies by Bruce Jay Friedman
Time's Covenant: Selected Poems by Eric Ormsby
Track and Trace by Zachariah Wells
Traymore Rooms, The by Norm Sibum
Tuner of Silences, The by Mia Couto
Unruly Voices by Mark Kingwell
Very Small Something, A by David Hickey
Video Watcher, The by Shawn Curtis Stibbards
Wage Slave's Glossary, The by Joshua Glenn
What Boys Like and other Stories by Amy Jones
Why Not? Fifteen Reasons to Live by Ray Robertson
Yesterday's People by Goran Simic
Zero Kelvin by Richard Norman