SPRING 401 TOUR: Wrap-Up

Our spring 401 Tour wrapped up Friday night at the Bibliomanse, where Paige Cooper, Rachel Lebowitz, Amanda Jernigan, and Richard Sanger knocked the collective socks off of everyone in attendance. I’ve been standing in the back of the bookstore, holding up my lighter for an encore ever since, as it was one of the finest readings I’ve ever attended. I assure you I am in no way biased.

If you missed out, the band will be reunited this weekend at the Ottawa International Writers Festival. On the East Coast? Dynamic duo Rachel and Amanda embark on an East Coast tour, featuring events in Halifax, NS, Sackville, NB, Fredericton, NB, and New Glasgow, PEI, next week, May 4-7. See our site for full details.

Many thanks to snapd Windsor for the author photograph!