DRIVEN, ON TIME AND WATER: Latest Headlines!



On Monday, May 31, 2021, Marcello Di Cintio was interviewed on CTV Calgary at Noon! You can watch it on their website here, or below. Marcello’s interview on the segment begins around 18 minutes in.

Marcello Di Cintio’s Driven The Secret Lives of Taxi Drivers was included in the Toronto Star‘s list “24 (mostly Canadian) books for a summer’s worth of reading.” The summer reading list was posted online on June 4, 2021. You can read it here

Deborah Dundas wrote,

“So often when we talk about taxi drivers’ stories, we fall into clichés: the assaults, the immigrant dreams dashed. But this is not that kind of book: Di Cintio spoke to dozens of taxi drivers across the country, having many conversations over a cup of Timmie’s coffee, getting to know, understand and often celebrate the lives of the men and women who drive us around. It’s also a bit of an homage to a taxi industry that is in flux in these days of Uber and Lyft.”

Marcello Di Cintio’s Driven was included in the Maclean’s list “20 books you should read this summer”! The reading list was posted online on June 9, 2021. You can read it here

Amil Niazi wrote,

“There are few spaces as consistently intimate and yet ultimately anonymous as that of a cab. In his new book, subtitled The Secret Lives of Taxi Drivers, Calgary-based Di Cintio writes, ‘As passengers, we rarely wonder at the lives of those we know only by the reflection of their eyes in a rear-view mirror.’ He presents a varied, eclectic collection of stories from the frontlines of North America’s taxi industry, showcasing the indomitable hope of the people who literally keep our cities moving forward.”

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Andri Snær Magnason was interviewed on CBC Ideas about On Time and Water! The interview was aired on June 10, 2021. You can listen to it on CBC’s website here

Last week on June 7, 2021, On Time and Water was included on The Guardian‘s list of “This month’s best paperbacks”. You can read the full list and review on their website here.

Reviewer P.D. Smith raved,On Time and Water cover

“Magnason’s moving and heartfelt paean to glaciers turns the science of the climate crisis into a story of personal loss. He draws on the experiences of his family and relatives, as well as Iceland’s rich cultural relationship to its wild and rugged landscape, to communicate the true scale of the catastrophe that is coming and its impact on lives and societies.”

On June 8, 2021, On Time and Water was highlighted on CBC Calgary’s Homestretch as a recommended Father’s Day book. Anne Logan featured the book in her book column. You can listen to it on their website here.

Also on June 8, 2021, On Time and Water was reviewed by Shiny New Books: What to Read and Why. You can read the review on their website here.  

Reviewer Peter Reason wrote,

“Magnason is onto something in creating poetic narratives that make the geological personal in this manner: referring back to our living ancestors’ experience confronts the shifting baseline from which we experience the changing world; and it draws on our imagination in ways that statistics don’t … On Time and Water has a lot to recommend about it … The imaginative exploration, is in itself deeply worthwhile.”

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