IN THE MEDIA: Wednesday Round-Up

Check out these Biblioasis book highlights:


Hardcover $32.95
eBook $9.99

Jorge Carrión’s Bookshops:

“Every bookshop is a condensed version of the world,” begins Mr. Carrión’s literary and unabashedly sentimental exploration of bookstores around the globe …  [Carrion] wanders through volume-laden aisles in Athens, Paris, Bratislava, Budapest, Tangier and Sydney, and invokes many other shops, both open and closed, telling stories about writers, readers and literary circles … By the end, you may feel poorly read—but well armed with titles and bookshops to visit on your own.” Wall Street Journal

“Excellent…entertaining…this quietly intelligent little book speaks volumes” Washington Post

“Sublimely entrancing…brilliant…[Carrión’s] Borgesian book—it can be opened at any point and read forward, or backwards for that matter—is not at all sad. To read is to travel in time and space, and to travel from bookshop to bookshop is an ecstatic experience for Carrión, a joy he conveys page after page.” Maclean’s


Trade Paper $24.95
eBook $13.99

Norman Levine’s I Don’t Want to Know Anyone Too Well:

“I Don’t Want to Know Anyone Too Well is a delightfully contradictory thing: a massive book by a minimalist of language. . . Absorb these stories as they first appeared, one at a time. Let one sit and steep before you move on to the next. They will stay with you. Welcome this collection into your home and place it on your shelf where it belongs: in among your Gallants, your Munros and, yes, your Chekhovs. Norman Levine deserves it and his time has come.” —Montreal Gazette
“If Levine lacks for a Canadian readership, it could be in part because there is no definitive, breakout collection of his stories…that might change with I Don’t Want to Know Anyone Too Well. … If great writing has a mark, surely this is it.” —André Forget, The Walrus
“Emblematic of our national literature … [his] protagonists are forever curious about another class, another generation, another place or culture; about alternative choices that might have resulted in different outcomes … masterful prose.”   —Quill & Quire Starred Review

Trade Paper $19.95
eBook $9.99

Kevin Hardcastle’s In the Cage

“…disheartening but engrossing … absorbing yet harrowing … the darkness of In The Cage commands attention.” —Brett Josef Grubisic, Maclean’s
“”Hardcastle’s signature style [is] a kind of rural poetry that includes stylistic flourishes, neologisms, and evocative use of compound words … closer in spirit to McCarthy than Hemingway.”  Steven W. Beattie, Quill & Quire
“Hardcastle has the ability to turn clichés on their head; where we think the narrative is going explodes time and again into something both surprising and heartbreaking … [he] shows a mastery of form and storytelling.” —Winnipeg Free Press