Production Notes: June 15, 2018

  • It is always both exciting and terrifying when boxes arrive from the printer. Opening a box always begins with an apprehensive inspection for errors—from the printer, from us, from the shipper—which is normally followed by a sigh of relief and finally the excitement at just how good the final product looks. Such was the case this week when we got a couple batches of advance copies for Original Prin and Be With. Both ended up looking fantastic!

  • Now available in bookstores near you: Alison Moore’s The Pre-War House! The MUST READ story in this collection is “Sometimes You Think You Are Alone.” This story is super creepy and without giving anything away, maybe not as obvious as I thought it was when I started reading it. The brilliant Zoe Norvell’s grungy cover suits perfectly the tone of this and other stories in the collection.

    Trade Paper $19.95
    eBook $9.99

  • The final installments of door signs (I’m sure we can find more doors, actually) went up this week:

    Biblioasis’ office door, featuring our neighbours.

    The Mail Room

    My Production Assistant

    The Publisher’s Office