FOREGONE and A GHOST IN THE THROAT: Latest Biblioasis Headlines!

Some excellent reviews on these two Biblioasis titles. Check out their recent coverage below.


Foregone by Russell Banks was featured in The New Yorker‘s Briefly Noted!

Their reviewer had this to say:

Banks carefully layers the strata of a life, showing that the past is always more ambiguous than we think.

You can read the full review here!

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A Ghost in the Throat by Doireann Ní Ghríofa has received a Kirkus Star, and was rave reviewed in Cleaver Magazine! You can read the Kirkus review online here, and the Cleaver review online here.

Kirkus had this to say:

“A fascinating hybrid work in which the voices of two Irish female poets ring out across centuries. ‘When we first met, I was a child, and she had been dead for centuries,’ writes Ní Ghríofa in her first work of prose—and what a debut it is. Earning well-deserved accolades abroad, the book merges memoir, history, biography, autofiction, and literary analysis… Lyrical prose passages and moving introspection abound in this unique and beautiful book.”

Cleaver reviewer Beth Kephart wrote:

 “I wish to shout because this book is so profoundly beautiful and so beautifully profound—a female text with so much to say about the ways we serve others (our families, our homes, our obsessions) and the ways that serving shapes us, and how being alone is never being alone, and how imagination always leaves us a few truths short, but it is what we have, it is the best we can do, it may even be the best of us. Imagination yields. It has given us the genuine miracle of A Ghost in the Throat.”

Check out their websites to read the full reviews!

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