“On Property” by Rinaldo Walcott Receiving Rave Reviews!

Media outlets agree! On Property by Rinaldo Walcott provides a perfect avenue for those looking to educate themselves further on today’s abolition movement and seek a deeper understanding of the historical relationship between policing and property through the Black experience.

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On Property by Rinaldo Walcott was featured twice in the Toronto Star! Over the weekend, they published both a positive review as well as an excerpt from the book. The review is available on their website and it appeared in the print issue of Toronto Star on Saturday, February 6, 2021. 

Reviewer Brett Josef Grubisic wrote: “Running a brief but far-reaching and punchy 96 pages, On Property has an absolute certainty of purpose: calling for the abolition of private property ownership. A professor of Black, Canadian, cultural, queer and gender studies at the University of Toronto, Rinaldo Walcott serves up a pamphlet — a fundamentally activistic genre with roots stretching back to the mid-1700s — about radical abolitionism for the tense North American cultural moment of the present day.”

The Toronto Star also published an excerpt from On Property! You can read the sample of the book in the article “Why abolition in our time should go far beyond defunding the police” here.


Rinaldo Walcott was interviewed by CBC Radio Syndication on February 2nd! Check out your local CBC station to see if he spoke with your local host.

Rinaldo appeared on the podcast @ Risk hosted by Jodi Butts on Feb 4th! 

Flipping the Property Risk Script with Rinaldo Walcott

Dissatisfied with the amount of progress being made towards freedom and equity for all?

On this episode of @Risk, host Jodi Butts is joined by University of Toronto professor and author of On Property, Rinaldo Walcott, to discuss his radically optimistic prescription for a different kind of freedom that goes daringly beyond greater representation of Black and Indigenous people in positions of authority.

Listen here!


Join us for On Property‘s virtual book launch on Thursday, February 25, 2021 at 7 PM ET. Rinaldo Walcott will be joined in conversation by Beverly Bain and Idil Abdillahi. We’re partnering with Another Story Bookshop in Toronto for the launch. We’ll be streaming live on Facebook and on YouTube

Upcoming event with Ottawa’s Writers Festival. Tune in on Monday, February 22, 2021 at 7:30 PM ET. Rinaldo Walcott will be interviewed by journalist Idil Mussa.


You can purchase a copy of On Property here.