Praise for David Constantine’s IN ANOTHER COUNTRY


In Another Country - front

We are pleased to announce that David Constantine’s In Another Country received a starred review in Publishers Weekly
this week. Here’s an excerpt:

A brilliant selection [of stories] … The diverse characters [in this collection] include ex-monks, shamed canons, prostitutes, squatters, successful businessmen, and university professors, but a common thread of silent suffering and dignity ties them all together. The tragic and the beautiful in each of their experiences is heightened by the author’s impeccable eloquence and poetic imagery.”

Constantine’s collection is also receiving praise from booksellers across North America. Laurie Greer from Politics and Prose says that Constantine’s stories “pulse with the sounds and rhythms of water, rhythms that draw characters and readers alike into uncommon and exceptionally profound emotional depths,” while Stephanie Crowe of Page and Palette writes “This is an absolutely marvelous collection of stories that go to the heart of the human experience. Beautifully written, Constantine’s ability to paint his literary picture is unmatched. This collection is a real winner and not to be missed!”

Be sure to check out Constantine’s North American debut with In Another Country which will be available on June 9th in Canada, and July 14th in the U.S.