Reviews and Interviews: QUERELLE OF ROBERVAL, ON BROWSING, BIG MEN FEAR ME and more!



Kevin Lambert, author of Querelle of Roberval (trans. by Donald Winkler, August 2, 2022) was interviewed by Nantali Indongo at CBC Montreal’s The Bridge. Listen to the whole episode here.

Indongo says of Querelle of Roberval,

“BAM! That’s what I felt as I started reading.”

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Big Men Fear Me by Mark Bourrie (October 18, 2022) has been reviewed in the Ottawa Review of Books. The review was published online on November 14, 2022. You can read the full review here.

Niedermann writes,

“Not only does he give us a portrait of a man who was central to a critical period in Canadian history, he illuminates the complexities of those years as well, in the process pulling back the rosy curtain of forgetfulness and nostalgia that has slowly descended over us in the years since to remind us of how fraught our politics and society were then. A truly great accomplishment!”

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The Power of Story: On Truth, the Trickster, and New Fictions for a New Era by Harold R. Johnson (October 11, 2022) has featured on CBC’s The Next Chapter. The episode, which was recorded as part of Vancouver Writers Fest, aired on November 11, 2022.

You can listen to the full episode here.

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Jason Guriel was interviewed about On Browsing (Oct 4, 2022) for the OC Register/LA Daily News. The interview was posted online on November 12, 2022. Read the whole interview here.

Guriel tells Erik Pederson,

“[Browsing] was a topic that I wasn’t even conscious of it being important to me until I started writing it. I found myself getting quite emotional that some of the stores that have meant a lot to me have vanished.”

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Lucy Ellmann‘s Man or Mango? (November 8, 2022) was reviewed at the Miramichi Reader. You can read the whole review here.

Reviewer Alison Manley writes,

“Prickly, strange and wholly ridiculous, the characters of Man or Mango? are delightful and so are their strange, overlapping journeys. People who enjoy mysterious, character-driven, plotless fiction will be at home in this novel, a lovely taste of what Ellmann can do.”

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Michael Fraser, author of The Day-Breakers (April 12, 2022) has been interviewed by Rob McLennan on his blog, Periodicities. The interview was published online on November 14, 2022. You can read the complete list here.

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