Case Study by Graeme Macrae Burnet (November 1, 2022) has been reviewed on the So Many Damn Books podcast episode featuring Kate Beaton. The episode was published online on November 8, 2022. You can listen to the full episode here.

Case Study by was reviewed in the Star Tribune by Malcom Forbes and the Chicago Review of Books by Marcie McCauley. Both reviews were published online on November 11, 2022.

Forbes writes, in the Star Tribune:

“Macrae’s novel works on various levels. It is an elaborate, mind-bending guessing game; it is a blackly comic and quietly moving study of a nervous breakdown; and it is a captivating portrait of an egomaniac. If the notebooks depict a gripping chain of events, then the biographical sections expertly flesh out the grotesque, manipulative yet charismatic Braithwaite. Macrae has reliably delivered another work of fiendish fun.”

You can read the full review here.

McCauley writes, in the Chicago Review of Books:

“Burnet is the ultimate unreliable narrator, and Case Study serves as a worthy addition to his oeuvre.”

You can read the full review here.

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This Time, That Place: Selected Stories by Clark Blaise (October 18, 2022) has been reviewed at the Globe and Mail. The review was published on November 4, 2022. You can read the whole review here.

In a review titled “Clark Blaise is the greatest Canadian writer no one has heard about,” David Moscrop writes,

“More people should read Blaise … Contemporary life is full of irreconcilable tensions. This Time, That Place captures a handful of them, simultaneously telling stories of three countries and a multitude of identities that cut across various social, culture, political and economic dimensions.”

This Time, That Place has been reviewed in the Toronto Star! The review was published on November 11, 2022. Read the full review here.

Reviewer Robert J. Wiersema writes,

This Time, That Place is not only a stunning collection of fiction, it is one of considerable importance; most readers will not recognize how much they have been lacking in their reading lives until they experience the work of Clark Blaise first-hand.”

This Time, That Place was also listed at Lit Hub’s “15 new books to dive into this week.” The article was posted Nov 8, 2022. Find the whole list here.

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Jason Guriel‘s On Browsing (Oct 4, 2022) was mentioned in the New York Times‘s “Newly Published” column on November 11, 2022!

You can find the whole list here.

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Emily Urquhart, author of Ordinary Wonder Tales (November 1, 2022), has been interviewed by Joseph Planta on The Commentary podcast! The episode was posted on November 4, 2022. Listen to the full interview here.

Planta calls the book:

“A highly readable, fascinating collection … The pieces are thoughtful and … enriching. The book is captivating, and as one critic has said, spellbinding.”

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The Power of Story: On Truth, the Trickster, and New Fictions for a New Era by Harold R. Johnson (October 11, 2022) has been reviewed in That Shakespearean Rag by Steven Beattie. The review was published on October 15, 2022, and can be read here.

Steven Beattie writes,

“By examining Indigenous stories, ways of living, dying, and—yes—laughing, Johnson … offer[s] powerful alternatives to hierarchical structures of society that insist on consuming the Earth’s natural resources at an unsustainable pace.”

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Seth’s Christmas Ghost Stories 2022 (November 1, 2022), have been featured on the So Many Damn Books podcast! The episode aired on November 8, 2022. You can listen to the episode here (review starts at 7:10).

Host Christopher Hermelin praised the series’

“really beautiful art, and great stories.”

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Alex Pugsley author of Shimmer (May 17, 2022) was interviewed on Bookin It podcast. The episode was published online on November 7, 2022.

You can listen to the full episode here.

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Lucy Ellmann‘s Man or Mango? (November 8, 2022) has been excerpted at Lit Hub. The excerpt went up on November 2, 2022. You can read the whole excerpt here.

Man or Mango? was also on Lit Hub‘s “15 new books to dive into this week.” The article was posted November 8, 2022. Find the whole list here.

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Dante’s Indiana by Randy Boyagoda (September 2021) has been reviewed at Eurasia Review. You can read the whole review here.

Reviewer Kevin Duffy calls it:

“An entertaining and theologically deft take on the consequences of the choices we all make as we seek the Good … Dante’s Indiana is a superb literary achievement.”

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Householders cover

Householders by Kate Cayley (September 2021) was reviewed at Full-Stop Magazine. The review was posted November 9, 2022. Check out the review here.

Reviewer Emily Alex writes,

“It would be something of a shame to read any of these stories individually, or to read them just once through, as moving outside and around them is one of the pleasures of this text. Householders is not a collection about the singular self, but about the individual uneasily negotiating subjectivity in a manner that is intrinsically relational; and appropriately, the narratives seem to continue into and across one another, propelled by differences that underscore their symmetries. The work’s most disruptive insights emerge from these interactions. In a sense, the success of this collection lies in its failure as a novel.”

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