New Biblioasis Subscription Program

This year we’re trying something new at Biblioasis: a subscription program! We wanted a way that Biblioasis supporters could get a good deal on 2020 titles, as well as have access to exclusive content and subscriber perks.

We’ve got a few different options for bundle deals and subscription programs!

Best Canadian 2019 Bundle Deal


This is the first year that the entire Best Canadian series is being published under one roof! We are so excited to share Best Canadian Poetry 2019, Best Canadian Stories 2019, and Best Canadian Essays 2019 with the world. Our editors, Rob Taylor, Anita Lahey, Amanda Jernigan, Caroline Adderson, and Emily Donaldson worked tirelessly to put these spectacular collections together this year. With the Best Canadian Bundle, for only $60, you can get all three Best Canadian books (shipping and taxes included)!

Reading these books is a great way to discover new writers that you may want to read more of. This year’s selections feature works by recent Giller-winner Ian Williams and writers such as Billy-Ray Belcourt, Lisa Moore, Zalika Reid-Benta, Richard Van Camp, and more!


Biblioasis Fiction Club


Love novels and short stories? Want to receive 5 new Biblioasis fiction titles throughout the year, plus subscriber bonuses like chapbooks, broadsides, and other ephemera? Then you might like to check out the Biblioasis Fiction Club! For $120 (shipping and taxes included), you can select 5 forthcoming Biblioasis fiction titles, and we will send them to you as soon as we have copies (even if it is before the pub date!). And if you order before January 1, 2020, we’ll throw in a year’s subscription to Canadian Notes & Queries (CNQ) at no extra cost!




Just check out some of the books you have to choose from:


Biblioasis Translation Club


Can’t get enough of reading about the experiences of people from different places, who speak different languages? You can also subscribe to the Biblioasis Translation club. Like the fiction club, you will also receive exclusive perks. For $120 (shipping and taxes included), you can receive all 5 BITS (Biblioasis International Translation Series) titles in 2020. If you order before January 1, 2020, we’ll throw in a year’s subscription to Canadian Notes & Queries (CNQ) at no extra cost! Please, note that there is some overlap between the Translation Club titles and the Fiction Club and Non-Fiction Club titles, so if you’re joining more than one club, be sure to pick non-translation titles when you make your selections for the other clubs!



Here are the books you’ll receive:



Biblioasis Non-Fiction Club


Passionate about memoirs, biographies, and essays? Well, have we got a treat for you! For $120 (shipping and taxes included), you can choose 5 non-fiction titles from our 2020 list to receive. We’ve got some really interesting titles coming up in 2020, that you won’t want to miss. Of course, this subscription also includes exclusive bonuses like the other ones, and if you order before January 1, 2020, we’ll give you a year of CNQ. So why delay? A perfect gift for the non-fiction-lover in your life (or for yourself!)




Just check out some of the books you have to choose from:


Mystery Backlist Box


Last but not least is the Mystery Backlist Box. Maybe you’re looking for some adventure this holiday season. Maybe you’re looking for a good deal. Maybe you just really trust us as curators of books (you should)! For only $80 we’ll send you five books from our backlist. Let us know what kind of books you like in the notes box when you order and we will play book matchmaker, selecting titles specifically catered to you. Or leave it blank for a complete surprise. Either way, you’ll get good books—we only publish good books. We promise.