Productions Notes: May 11, 2018

Hey everyone,

  • Welcome to Production Notes, a weekly roundup of what is going on in the Biblioasis production office. Speaking of… check out our space!







  • Cover art has come in for Madame Victoria from Natalie Olsen and pretty much everyone reacted very strongly in favour of this comp:

    What do you think?


  • I’m a little late to this since it is pubbing this summer, but I just finished reading C. P. Boyko’s The Children’s War and he stays true to form with his smart, funny dissection of humanity, focussing in this book on growing up. Be sure to check it out late this summer and read at least the title story and “The Takeover of Founders’ Hall.”


  • Finally, we are finishing up the third print run of Against Amazon chapbooks. ATTENTION Biblioasis staff: Only 369 more to fold, collate, punch, bind, trim, and number before we start the fourth edition!

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